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26 August 2013

The Luckiest Month Aug'13 - Summer Pool Party

LAzy me...update my blog once a month XD

This post - passed event that I attended last last Saturday 17.08.2013
In the pass 22 years, I had never win any big prize in any lucky draw actually.. the percentage for getting small prize is also...1/20? or lesser than this..hahahahahaha...

BUT!!!! I GOT A LUCKY DRAW THIS MONTH!!!! A SMARTPHONE!!!!!  A brand new Lumia 920 sponsor by Nokia. X) MUAHAHAHA... Imma a Lucky girl.. I gave it to my mom as her early birthday present!! I'm a good girl...xD still thinking to buy a smart phone for her as a birthday present...SAVE !!
So, thinking to change my laptop to macbook?! XD save save save...

Well, this happen last Saturday that I attended a Summer Party which organized by Actually I'm attending the event for working purpose XD haha... went there alone to meet up with the models.

Emcee of the day - Elfie Jane, Editor-in-chief of

Dr. Shelby, the founder of Bisou BonBon
Share some bonbon-licious beauty tutorials with the guests.

DIY skin care product =)

After the show, take some picture....Teeeheee....say cheeseeee......
It was a Sunny day and I get sunburn after that...@@...

Work Hard, Play HARDER!!!! HA!!! Luckiest month in this year~

Besides, count down for Mr. Apple who is coming back from UK!!!! 
All the best in your final exam!!! 
Enjoy you Europe remember my presentssss and foodssss...X)

Count Down presents!!!XD

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