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19 August 2012


Yea! I'm back!!! Congratulation! I'm still alive!
What's the plan after exam?!

Photo captured at Cherating during intern company trip.

1. Escape from reality!! TRIP!!!
2. Treat myself as a King!!
3. Watch all the drama and animation! Recently fall in love with animation!

Tada!!! 3 big plan for me! Sound like a pig life =.=" so far...after exam zhu yiing busy for her working life again! Hrm....suffering.....and Mr. Apple haven't finish his to have a backpack myself! To hunt more food!!! What da place? Hrm....haven't decide yet~ Maybe...will find a part time job? $.$ money~ Aunty said to help her as working for her husband for his new shop open soon...but...the problem is....I didn't prefer for long working, still consider for it.


Post-update always come with the motivation of food!!!
I can't live without food. So.....Let's enjoy it!!!

Pancake - homemade


Perfect Match - Pancake x Nutella

Good night world!

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