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25 July 2012

VIVI August

Here you go! VIVI August! Bought this few days ago while went to have a movie with my hubby~

Yea! OUT for a long long time!!! I never update myself since last year, I have been stopped purchasing any magazine. Before that, EVERY first week of the month, things that I would do was.....went to bookstore to grab my favourite magazine VIVI!!! Never miss it~But dunno when, I stopped this habit......swt" spending too much on food until have no money to buy??XD hahahahahhaha


The reason why I love VIVI so much is becoz........OF COZ IS BEAUTIFUL GIRL!!! All model in VIVI are MIX!!! Mix blood princess that every girls wish to be~ Big eye, High up >>Sharp feature!!! Envy~~~! XD hahahaa......Fuji Lena- the top model in JP, Jun - My love!!!, Rola - idol of 老鹰童鞋.... their are so beautiful!!!!! ><"

To motivate myself! I would like to set one of their photo to become my wallpaper!!!!! I must lose weight before this September!!!! The power of beauty effect~XD hahahaha

My favourite style!!! Casual and add on some Punk stuff such as rivet + skull + gold + black + denim jeans!!! HA! It was so COOL!!! I love to make myself look cool!!

I love this BAG so much!!! That lao yiing tong xie told me yesterday that she saw someone holding the bag and it just look so NICE!!! And ......I found it in VIVI just now!!! Finally found out what the brand!!! Going to grab it!!! As collection??XD hahahahahha......

It just look so NICE + COOL + TRENDY + CASUAL + FASHION + ROCK!!!!

Ya! Curious why do I write this post in English? coz I'm trying to improve my broken English that make me feel to so.....!@!$#@%$#^&%^&%^*...

Good luck to me~ 
Time to bed now! Night~
For you guys Rola!!! She look nicer compare with before!!! O.O Love!!!

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