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26 July 2012

Short update

Place for mind relax!

Yea! I'm out of idea for what I'm doing right now!!! I really duno what am I doing!!! I'm MAD!!! Why do we need submit those assignment that make us crazy!!! Felt up with my study~ I'm not a clever person that I admit......I hate study.......

I'm a panda~ Done my presentation and jam in KL area!

Stuck in JAM at KL for more than 1 hours =.=" wasting 1 hour plus in car and turn around at KL area to find a shortcut avoid from the JAM!

Curious why there was so many people lining up there~ Well, Miyavi is there! (ps: duno who is he till I google search XD) He just walk over infront of me...I still told my sis and yiing he just look like MJ! LOL....
actually he was just look like a ordinary person who walking in Pavillion....nothing difference~

Oh ya! Ena is coming on 29th!!!! She just look so cool!!!! Thinking to was Sunday >.<" might think about it....

Back to assignment!! 1 more point to go then I can lay on my bed ==" ah cak!!!! Fighting!!!!
Buai buai~


  1. 你好、谢谢你关注了我的博客、我也关注你了、真喜欢你博客啊、再见 :)

    1. 不客气^^我也很喜欢你的博客!