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20 January 2012

Big Family of Labi

woho~~~~such a big family~XD
Labi is waiting for his host to bring them back~
I will miss u...LAbi~TOT

Feel free to come and have a look > Doit Bouti

I would like to introduce my son!
Here you go~

Tadaaaa~! My son! name is.....
Bee!!!! Q name it'z?!XDhaha

Following is....MY grandson!!!
Opsss......naked!XDhahahaha..i'm was too Q...
so...i can't stop my finger to press on the button....
captured when they was taking bath~
His name is BeeBee~XDhahahaha

should grandson son named as BeeBeeBee???XD
Good question!!

 good nite everyone~

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