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31 March 2011

One Day Trip

panda which living in my gu ma house!XDhahahaha

Went to visit my Gu Ma house in Bentong

coz of there doesn't have enough room,so we decided to stay in the HOTEL for the night...oh yea...
for dunno what reason....i like to stay in hotel compare with staying in people'z feel more comfortable XDhahahaha.....

like this photo so so so much....purposely to make it 
bcum black & white...feel more retro..XD put in a big big size...
A small small kichen..

***Second day***

Early in the morning, went to a traditional coffee house to have our breakfast. As i can say, Bentong was a small small town that didn't have much entertainment facility like KL...and there was many SWALLOW**cool**
hot milo...huh!? change to use this style of cup already?!
where those nice traditional cup? hrm......

i like this....abit of spicy da kiew tiao
sound weird...XD but i like it!!!hahaha...


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